escape the cold aisle

Escape the traditional networking events and meet with leaders and colleagues in the data center industry in a fun and relaxed environment.

March 5th and 6th, 2024


Why Attend Escape The Cold Aisle

Here's the scoop: Traditional industry events might tick the box, but they rarely strike the chord of genuine connection. Ever noticed how we’re often shuffled between panel discussions with only brief moments to connect over buffet lunches or hasty happy hours? Great for fist bumps with old pals, but not so great for cultivating fresh, meaningful relationships.

At those events, sponsors often become background noise, repeatedly reciting their sales pitches to hurried attendees darting off to the next session. Sound familiar? If you've been in the game for even a year, you’ve likely seen this scene play out.

But here's where Escape The Cold Aisle differs: we value genuine connection over convention. Our events are crafted with care, giving attendees the breathing room to listen, engage, and build relationships that matter. The investment? Your time. The return? Genuine colleagues who understand your needs, offer insights, and can even become partners or friends. It's not about stacks of business cards or a long list of LinkedIn connections. It’s about authentic interactions and the opportunity to craft your own experience, whether that's deep-diving into discussions or broadening your network organically. Simply show up, and we'll help you create connections that last.

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Escape The Cold Aisle Networking Events


Escape the Cold Aisle was created by William and Bill. To this day, we don’t know who is who… Regardless of the owners, the organization was created to bring data center professionals together in a relaxed and fun environment. The value of networking with peers and learning from one another is what allows you to grow as an individual and business professional. Escape the Cold Aisle will hosts events that are unique, exciting, and honestly… unforgettable.

Bill Shanahan

Bill Shanahan

Bill Shanahan is the Founder and Owner of Delta Mission Critical Inc., a turnkey service company that represents manufacturers in the data center industry and provides brokerage services to clients needing to relocate and/or expand to a new colocation facility.

Bill Winsininski

Bill Winsininski

Bill Winsininski is a leader in the data center industry, a networking machine, and Co-Founder and CEO of Cofluence, Inc a global data center consultancy.  He is also President of AFCOM Chicago and a proud member of the Infrastructure Masons Armed Services Committee.