Sponsor The Annual Escape The Cold Aisle Golf Outing 2024


Sponsor the 3rd Annual ETCA Golf Extravaganza

Imagine spotlighting your brand to a vibrant community of 250+ data center aficionados. At ETCA, we don’t just host events; we curate experiences. Our commitment? Ensuring our sponsors shine brightly and feel appreciated. This year, we’re rolling out the green carpet at the prestigious Grand Resort in Arizona, a golfer's paradise.

Premier Sponsorship Perks

When you go premier, you're in the spotlight:

  • The opportunity to take the mic and engage with the audience.
  • Earn shout-outs throughout the day.
  • Your logo gracing all printed collateral and our website.
  • A dedicated banner, proudly showcasing your brand during the event.
  • Buzzworthy mentions on social media, both pre and post-event.

For a comprehensive look at premier sponsor benefits, scroll below.

General Sponsorship Privileges

Every sponsor is a star:

  • Your brand logo on our website.
  • Your logo on a banner highlighted during the event.
  • Social media nods that put your name on the digital map.

Dive deeper into our general sponsorship offerings below.

Location & Date
Whirlwind Golf Club
5692 W North Loop Rd Chandler, AZ 85226
March 5-6th, 2024

Our Goal Is To Bring People Together

It is very simple -  Industry events are important however they are not conducive to building new relationships. Thought leadership style events we all go to have very rigid agendas and most of the networking is relegated to 5 minutes in between panels,  buffet style lunches or happy hour bar settings.   These are great to high five people we already know but no new relationships are being created in our opinion.  Sponsors  sit at tables in the lobby or at  overpriced booths and regurgitate their value prop over and over and over to people rushing to the next panel session.  If you have been in business for over a year, chances are you have attended this style of event.   The challenge is how do you show a return on your dollar and time invested- stacks of business cards?  LinkedIN connections?  Impressive expense report with the names of attendees written on the top?

ETCA events are designed to bring people together to give them space and time to listen and develop mutually beneficial business relationships/friendships.  You have the freedom to curate and customize your involvement or build ecosystems of colleagues simply by showing up.  The return on  your time invested is you now have a colleague you can turn to for advice, invite to a meeting or send them business-  because now you know exactly what they do and what they are about.

ETCA is creating events people would attend even if it wasn’t for work.

Escape The Cold Aisle is an invitation to get out of the winter weather to come together.  Bringing dynamic people together in a relaxed, not over structured event leads to positive outcomes.

Fact: People do business with people they like know and trust.
Fact:  Chicago is freezing in February
Fact: A lot of business gets done on a golf course AND golf courses are closed in a lot of places in the winter.
Fact:  Going to a warm place in February is good for your soul
Fact:  Arizona has over 300 days of sunshine.  Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, NYC, Boston, St. Louis, Philadelphia-  not so much…

Industry Thought Leadership events are valuable to further self-education and become enlightened.  We love to go these.  The Data Center and IT industries rely on solid partnerships and these partnerships are created from relationships that take time to build.  ETCA events expedite that process by curating an environment that is conducive to forming mutually beneficial business connections.